Title SKU Price Quantity
Gummy Bear Explosion (#21844) N/A $37.50
Strawberry Storm (#21851) N/A $37.50
Strawberry Banana Margarita (#21850) N/A $37.50
Red Wine Sangria (#21848) N/A $37.50
Pink Guava Cocktail (#21845) N/A $37.50
Raspberry Peach Sorbet (#21847) N/A $37.50
Raspberry Peach Potion (#21846) N/A $37.50
Berry Blaster (#21842) N/A $37.50
Blue Vodka Martini (#21843) N/A $37.50
Sexy Blue Raspberry (#21849) N/A $37.50
Tropical Island Fuit Punch (#21568) N/A $37.50
Berry Cherry Lemon Bomb (#21560) N/A $37.50
Cranberry Strawberry Haze (#21561) N/A $37.50
Crisp Lush Ice (#21562) N/A $37.50
Pineapple Tropical Mix (#21563) N/A $37.50
Sktl Party Mix (#21564) N/A $37.50
Sour Berry Ice (#21565) N/A $37.50
Sour Mango Tango (#21566) N/A $37.50
Sunset Pina Colada (#21567) N/A $37.50
Banana Bonanza (#21559) N/A $37.50
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ACT PODS System is a significant and zany collection of fabulous, unique flavors. From fruity to savory, there’s something for everyone! Plus, these new pods come in small packs, so you’ll never run out of incredible flavor again. ACT Pods don’t disappoint with their variety and quality as they offer more flavors than Stlth and provide a better mouth-to-lung draw.

  • Box of 5 packs
  • 3 E-liquid cartridges of 2ml each.
  • 2% NicSalt strength.
  • Compatible with STLTH-style device.
    Propylene glycol, glycerol, flavour, acid benzoic and nicotine.

Additional information

ACT Flavour

Banana Bonanza, Berry Blaster, Berry Cherry Lemon Bomb, Blue Vodka Martini, Cranberry Strawberry Haze, Crisp Lush Ice, Gummy Bear Explosion, Pineapple Tropical Mix, Pink Guava Cocktail, Raspberry Peach Potion, Raspberry Peach Sorbet, Red Wine Sangria, Sexy Blue Raspberry, Sktl Party Mix, Sour Berry Ice, Sour Mango Tango, Strawberry Banana Margarita, Strawberry Storm, Sunset Pina Colada, Tropical Island Fuit Punch